Getting Started

Often when folks begin to consider utilizing some form of Alternative Energy, they begin the process only to be quickly overwhelmed with all the alternative energy options available, their technical requirements, new product information, and then the financial considerations that are necessary to get on board.   No matter how informed you are or what type of building you are looking at, changing the energy source in order to acquire long term savings and becoming environmentally proactive is a big project.


After deciding to make the leap, and completing all the energy efficiency improvements that you can on your own, your next step should be to acquire an energy audit. But who does those audits and what do they cost? And if you have a business that you are trying to improve your cost savings on energy, where do you go to find help for a commercial audit? Whether you are a home owner, renter or business operator, or a professional looking to get started with becoming energy efficient or on board with alternative energy, here are some informational sheets to get you started.








Residential Commercial Professional Harbor/Fisheries
Implement Energy Efficient Tasks Energy Audit Educational Opportunities Energy Audit
Do it Yourself Energy Audit Maintenance/Management/ Training/Policies Maintenance/Management/ Training/Policies Maintenance/Management/ Training/Policies
Residential Alternative Energy Options Commercial Energy Options Research Energy Options Research Energy Options
Cost Analysis Cost Analysis  Cost Analysis  Cost Analysis
Funding/Rebates/Tax Incentives Funding/Rebates/Tax Incentives Funding/Rebates/Tax Incentives Funding/Rebates/Tax Incentives
DirectoryContractor/Builder/Supplier DirectoryContractor/Builder/Supplier Directory Contractor/Builder/Supplier DirectoryContractor/Builder/Supplier