Seward Community Awards 2023 

Our mission: To promote and support our members in maintaining a diversified economy and positive business and living environment in the greater Seward area.

Seward Community Service Award: This honor is awarded to an engaged citizen and role-model who has demonstrated a pattern of leadership and civic engagement while creating a positive impact in their workplace and community. 


Tara Craytor

Rissie Casagrande

Katie Cornwell

Linda Lasota

Bart Elhard

Bailey Sayler

Greg Haas

Thomas Miller and Chance Miller

Dana Paperman


Seward Business Person of The Year Award: A Seward Chamber member who has stimulated economic development in Seward through business activity and exemplifies professional excellence in business and/or their profession.


Karl Mechtenberg

Mike Culver

Kristi Larson 

Brendan Ryan & Ryan Fisher

Juries Mindenburgs 

Cliff Krug

Dolly Wiles

Tara Riemer

Janette Bower


Seward Business Site Improvement Award: A Seward Chamber member who has made a substantial improvement to their place of business, improved safety or convenience to the neighborhood, and/or enhanced the overall aesthetics of their property to maintain the beauty of their neighborhood and surroundings.


Natalie Norris & Angel Matterson-Moe

Cliff Krug

Pete and Jodi Toloff 

Seward Marketplace 

Chad Higgins

Jeff Hetrick

Mr. Toloff

Liz and Sol DeMoss

Matt Cope and Kelly Ann Cavaretta


Congratulations to our 2023 Community Award Winners!




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