About Chamber

How is the Chamber funded?

The Chamber of Commerce is a business, and it incurs cost of operation. These expenses are paid for by membership dues, fee-based services, donations, and grants. Members, individuals, and firms representing all types of business, industry and professions share in the financial support of the Chamber. All share a mutual desire to achieve a prosperous economy, benefitting all residents, thus making the Chamber of Commerce a tangible investment.

Why invest in the Chamber?

The Chamber of Commerce is the sales force and cheerleader for the Seward community and businesses. We promote our members’ products and services through trade show participation, brochure display and referrals. The united voice of the Chamber has often proven effective and beneficial to business where a single voice can go unheard. The rewards of belonging to the Chamber are full-time representation and year-round results. When you join the Chamber, you are hiring extra staff; you hire a business advisor, a marketing team, public relations liaison, business broker, information coordinator and more to assist your business.

You and your Chamber

Basic to all activities of the Chamber is its unifying influence. In serving on committees, coordinating events and attending meetings, every Chamber member becomes involved in an organizational effort that is mutually beneficial to their community, their neighbors and to themselves.

Partners for a better America

Over the years, the Seward Chamber of Commerce operations, attitudes and programs have changed to meet the challenges of today. However, one premise remains inviolate, the integral role of involved and concerned citizens to protect and preserve our free enterprise system.

Today, as it was in 1768 when the first Chamber of Commerce in America was formed, the basic concept of a Chamber of Commerce remains the same: a voluntary organization representing all segments of the business community with the potential for marshaling the energies and efforts of its membership toward the accomplishment of common goals for the betterment of community, state and country.