Seward Seabird Festival

Join us in celebrating the return of Seward's seabirds!  The Seward Seabird Festival is returning for 2024 at the Alaska SeaLife Center! Activities will take place around Seward from Friday, May 31, to Sunday, June 2. 

Seward and the surrounding Kenai Fjords are home to a variety of seabird species - from the common glaucous-winged gull to the more elusive rhino auklett. Seward is a great choice for any birder, or aspiring birder, to check a few seabirds off their list. Who doesn't love spotting a horned puffin flying across the ocean? 

Don't miss out on the Seabird Festival Goosechase! Flock to the Goosechase app and enter code W8EW54 to join the feathered fun!!

2024 Seward Seabird Schedule

Schedule for the Seabird Festival

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Major Marine Tours will be hosting a special discounted cruise for festival attendees on Sunday, June 2th. Explore the best seabird viewing areas in Resurrection Bay, Northwestern Fjord, and Kenai Fjords National Park on the 8.5 hour small vessel cruise. The Northwestern Fjord Cruise is the ideal trip for birders, photographers, and wildlife enthusiasts. For attending the festival you can receive 30% off the cruise on June 2!

We love spotting all the amazing seabirds in and around Seward. Let us know which ones you've spotted! Visit Seward for a weekend-long event celebrating the migration of Alaska's seabirds through education, science, and art! You'll be able to spot many of the birds in the Seward Harbor, along the Waterfront, on a tour boat. Seward is also home to the Alaska SeaLife Center, which has many amazing seabird species to see and check off on the list. 

kids learning about seabirds and crafting

art vendors at the Seward Sea Bird Festival

Park ranger with a spinning wheel of prizes