Welcome to the new Seward.com!

Orca pod swimming in rez bay

Welcome to the new Seward.com!

The Seward Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center Staff is excited to present the new Seward.com! Creating this website is a work in progress, so as you explore everything our town has to offer if you have any comments or recommendations, let us know at communications@seward.com. 

Seward's Seabirds

Seward and the surrounding Kenai Fjords are home to a variety of seabird species - from the common glaucous-winged gull to the more elusive rhinoceros auklet. Seward is a great choice for any birder, or aspiring birder, to check a few seabirds off their list. Who doesn't love spotting a horned puffin flying across the ocean? 

This year, to celebrate the return of the seabirds, the Seward Chamber of Commerce is promoting birding through the area with a Seabird Passport. Pick up your copy of the passport at the Seward Chamber of Commerce, different locations throughout town, print one off at home, or take a screenshot of the one below! Spot at least 10 of the 25 seabirds, bring in your marked off passport to the Seward Chamber and take your pick from a selection of special seabird stickers! 

You'll be able to spot many of the birds in the Seward Harbor, along the Waterfront, on a tour boat. Seward is also home to the Alaska SeaLife Center, which has many amazing seabird species to see and check off on the passport list!

Start birding today to receive your free sticker! Supplies are limited and are first come first serve starting June 24. 

And be sure to hone your birding skills for the return of the Seward Seabird Festival in 2022

SeaBird Passport