Call us biased, but we believe Seward is the best destination in Alaska for folks with limited time and a big bucket list. Our charming seaside town is conveniently located an easy and scenic drive from Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city. A dizzying variety of wilderness excursions ensures that travelers of all ages and ability levels can experience this magical place.

Bike Rentals & Tours

Explore the town of Seward at your own pace. Take a spin along the waterfront bike path from the picturesque boat harbor to the quaint, historic downtown, or pedal all the way out to Exit Glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park.


Get rolling

Boat Rentals

Be your own captain! Experienced sailors and greenhorns alike can take advantage of this affordable option to get out on the water and enjoy the unique fishing and wildlife viewing experiences of Resurrection Bay and Kenai Fjords National Park.


Anchors away!

Dog Sledding –
Glacier Tours

For a unique adventure, take a scenic helicopter flight to a remote glacier across Resurrection Bay. There, enjoy a snowy dog sled ride surrounded by icy mountain peaks. Your family will talk about this exhilarating experience for years to come.

Experience the thrill

Dog Sledding –
Kennel Tours

Both dog sledding kennels in Seward offer detailed tours of their facilities, training programs and more. Help the excited pups train for the Iditarod by hopping in a wheeled “sled” and touring the property. These family-friendly tours are fun and affordable.

Go behind the scenes


Short on time or not a fan of boats? Flightseeing—via a helicopter or small fixed-wing plane—is a thrilling way to explore our backyard from a different perspective. Some itineraries allow time for a glacier landing and time to explore remote landscapes.

Get up in the air

Gold Panning

Learn how to pan, searching for Alaska gold and semi-precious stones from rustic wooden troughs while enjoying personalized demonstrations chock-full of local lore, humor and history. Everyone has a chance of hitting pay-dirt!

Relive the Gold Rush


Seward is home to some of the best hiking in Alaska, with options for all ability levels. Guided hiking is a great way to discover new terrain. Book a tour with a knowledgeable guide to safely explore our beloved local trails. Guided fly-in trips to more remote locations are also available.

Explore our trails

Horseback Riding

From horseback, explore the Alaska rainforest, wildflower meadows, winding rivers, and the rocky beaches of Resurrection Bay. Learn the history of Seward while enjoying the natural beauty of the surrounding wilderness and abundant wildlife.


Giddy up

Ice Climbing & Hiking

Explore extraordinary glacier features—including blue ponds carved from ice and filled with crystal clear water—on a guided tour of Exit Glacier or the less traveled but equally spectacular Godwin Glacier across Resurrection Bay. These excursions are suitable for beginners with a sense of adventure and moderate fitness.

Go deep into the blue


Delight in exploring tidewater glaciers, towering waterfalls, and glacial lagoons from a stable two-person sea kayak. Half- and full-day itineraries are available, as well as multi-day kayaking and camping excursions. No prior experience is necessary.


Launch your adventure


Enjoy the turquoise waters of the Upper Kenai River on a serene river float or a fun river rafting excursion. Whether enjoying a relaxing, scenic cruise or the challenging class II+ rapids, be sure to watch for wildlife as your guide navigates through the amazing mountain scenery.

Get splashy


Enjoy the idyllic conditions of Resurrection bay, or venture beyond into Kenai Fjords National Park. Sail the long summer days and view the abundant ocean wildlife, stunning snow-capped mountains, and ancient glaciers. Students and experienced sailors welcome.

Sail away

Sightseeing Tours

Set your sights on Alaska, from the stoic glaciers and glistening fjords to the snow-peaked mountains and verdant alpine valleys. Travel by plane, helicopter, boat, bus, bike, on foot or even on horseback – it’s not a question of whether you’ll see something amazing, but how you choose to do so.

Soak up the sights


From mountain top to ocean side, cross-country, skijoring, or heli-skiing, Seward is the place to be. Enjoy a range of terrain options, plenty of daylight and moderate temperatures all winter-long, all surrounded by the jaw-dropping beauty of the Kenai Fjords.


Get your turns

Stand Up Paddleboarding

The vantage point from a paddleboard is hard to beat. Look down on colorful jellyfish, see starfish clinging to rocks underwater and paddle into the mist of cascading waterfalls. Full- and half-day tours are available. Basic experience is necessary for some tours; beginners are welcome on others.

Grab a paddle


Seward is making a name for itself as a cold-water surf destination. Since most breaks are accessible only by sea or air, this is one of the few places left in the world where you’ll have the waves to yourself. Half-day adventures and multi-day expeditions are available. Beginners are welcome on most trips.


Catch a wave


Choose from a variety of practices and inspired locations, from drop-in classes in a soothing studio to a private session on a secluded mountain or beach. Take your sun salutations to new heights with helicopter yoga tours. Recharge your body and awaken your soul with an all-inclusive yoga retreat in Kenai Fjords.

Find your flow


Explore Alaska’s temperate rainforest from the canopy of towering spruce, fir and hemlock. Zip, saunter and rappel through a breathtaking course while enjoying lofty views of snow-capped mountains and lush forest understory.


Get soaring

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