Lowell Point Road Landslide

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Lowell Point area and Caines Head State Recreation Area are still accessible via water taxi. 

For the most recent news on the landslide and clean-up efforts, visit the City of Seward City Clerk's Facebook Page by clicking here.

At approximately 7:40 p.m. on May 7, the City of Seward experienced a very large landslide along Lowell Point Road that resulted in the community of Lowell Point being cut off from road access to Seward. Fortunately, there were no injuries reported.

The public is requested to stay clear of Lowell Point Road for their own safety. Barricades are set up and manned at the Lowell Creek Diversion Tunnel waterfall area. It is still unknown how long the road will remain closed.

The landslide is approximately 300 feet wide, and work is ongoing to clear the debris. Metco Alaska is working slowly and cautiously, and making intentional efforts to remove the trees in order to prevent them from falling into the waters of Resurrection Bay. Boaters should use caution, though, because some trees have unavoidably fallen into the water. 

Boaters, please be cautious when navigating through Resurrection Bay and the surrounding waters. 

The US Coast Guard and the Seward Harbormaster are coordinating efforts to keep mariners updated.