10 Things To Do in Seward for around $20

Explore Beach Sealife

At low tide, head over to Fourth of July or Lowell Point Beaches to be amazed by the incredible diversity of the intertidal zone. Walk along our rocky coasts in hopes of spotting sea stars, urchins, crabs, and all other kinds of creatures. You might even come across a baby octopus!  You’re exploring these creatures home, so take care to minimize your impact on the intertidal zone by following tidepool etiquette. Remember: it’s illegal to remove any creatures without a permit.

Search for Sea Otters

The boat harbor is a haven for these charismatic critters. Otters love to play, snack, and snooze. It’s likely that you’ll catch them doing all three while you’re walking the docks!

Visit the Museum

Learn about Seward’s rich history and development at the Seward Community Library and Museum. Walk through exhibits showcasing some of the most iconic moments in Alaska’s history and get to know our trailblazing pioneers!

Discover Seward’s Murals

Learn the many sides of Seward through our celebrated murals. Swing by the Visitor Center for a map and take a self-guided tour of our incredible public art collection, or go deeper with a guided tour by a local artist.

Walk the Iditarod National Historic Trail

Walk the National Historic Iditarod Trail from its starting point by the Alaska SeaLife Center. It’s a great route to spot some of our favorite locals including Steller sea lions, harbor seals, and humpback whales.

Fly a Kite

Locals love to take advantage of the breezy days in any way they can. Grab a colorful kite from one of our independent retailers and head down to the beach to join the fun!

Check Out the Daily Catch

Swing by the boat harbor in the late afternoon to watch anglers clean their prize catches after an exciting day on the water. Trophy halibut, salmon, rockfish, and more are brought in by our expert charter captains. Fish on!

Hike With a Ranger

If you head out to the Exit Glacier Nature Center in Kenai Fjords National Park, you can attend a free ranger program.  Take a guided hike, listen in on a ranger chat, or become a Junior Ranger!

Visit the Kenai Fjords National Park Visitor Center

Located at the south end of the boat harbor, the newly renovated center offers an auditorium showing a daily park film, a bookstore, and rangers to answer your questions.

Hear Some Tunes

In Seward’s historic downtown district, the Yukon bar offers live shows and karaoke several nights a week. Live music is offered periodically at other nearby venues, including Seward Alehouse, Tony’s Bar, Resurrect Art and Zudy’s Cafe.