Wild Alaska Seafood

The seafood industry touches nearly every facet of the Seward community in some way and is one of Alaska’s largest economic industries due to the rich fishing waters off of the state’s coast.

Many Seward families have fished Alaska waters for generations. Whether it be on a gillnetter, longliner, trawler, or seiner - the hardy captains and crew possess an intimate understanding of the value of the fishing way of life and add an important and distinct strand to our community.


Each year, almost 6 billion pounds of seafood are harvested across the state. Salmon is Alaska’s most well-known fishery, making the state the number one producer of wild salmon in the world. But, salmon isn’t the only fishery run out of Seward. Other commercial fisheries include Dungeness crab, lingcod, pollack, pacific halibut, and more. 


Opportunities are endless for storing, cleaning, packaging, processing, or distributing seafood products in Seward and there are plenty of resources for every step of the seafood supply chain - from ocean to table.

Looking to take home a taste of Alaska? Purchase seafood freshly harvested from the icy waters of Resurrection Bay and the Gulf of Alaska directly from our local commercial and retail processors.


Mariculture is a growing sector in Seward, with big things happening in research and development to enhance mariculture throughout the Pacific Northwest, including molluscan shellfish, king crab, sea cucumbers and string starts for budding kelp farms across Alaska.

Seward has a well-earned reputation as one of Alaska’s premier sportfishing destinations. Our waters are home to an incredible diversity of species, including all five Pacific salmon, halibut, rockfish, and lingcod. Saltwater fishing trips are a popular option from June through September.