The Alaska Railroad owns approximately 328 acres in a land reserve, which is used mostly for train operations, but also includes Seward Cruise Ship Terminal facilities, the docks and adjacent uplands, all to support intermodal operations. 

Each year, over 200,000 people and all types of cargo enter or exit Seward through the railroad facilities. Since the docks are directly connected to the Alaska Railroad system, freight and passengers are easily transported to key hubs such as Anchorage and Fairbanks, and the communities in between. 


Seward is a pivotal port for cruises in Alaska. Many ships either start or end their journeys in Seward, using the adjacent Alaska Railroad or Seward Highway to shuttle from Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage. 

The passenger dock is only occasionally used for light freight and logistics. Each736 foot dock face is equipped with 10 fenders, 12 mooring bollards, and 2 mooring dolphins located 300 and 400 feet from the end of the dock. 

The Berthing Application, Terminal Use Permit, and Terminal Tariff are available at the ARRC Seward Dock Office located in the Dale Lindsey Seward Intermodal Facility or online at


The freight dock supports freight routes through the state, making connections to ports, rivers, and roads in every region. 

The 620 by 320-foot freight dock is accessible on the west side and is equipped with seven fenders and nine mooring bollards. There is one mooring dolphin with a single bollard 71.5 feet from the dock, which is accessible by a catwalk. 

Other features and utilities of the freight dock include:

  • Compacted gravel surface
  • Top-of-dock elevation: 20 feet MLLW
  • Designated front ramp unloading/loading area
  • 8000+ sq. ft. paved area with electrical power and water service
  • Cranes and boom trucks available through terminal use permit holders
  • Fenced perimeter, card access gates, and security cameras


The 24,000 square foot Dale Lindsey Seward Intermodal Facility is 240-by-100-foot and connects cruise and other maritime passengers to Seward and beyond. Located at 913 Port Avenue on the Cruise Ship Dock, the facility is available for rent from mid-September to mid-May, when not supporting cruise ship operations. The building has 25-foot ceilings, heated concrete floors, decorated walls, and ample parking. The venue can accommodate 800 for a sit-down event or 1,675 at a standing-room event. 


The Alaska Railroad specializes in moving goods like lumber, heavy machinery, rebar, pipe, and hazardous material and can transload commodities to and from ships, railcars, and trucks. This is a popular option for customers without rail service directly to their facility. For those needing to transload, the railroad offers an all-inclusive transportation service alongside their shipping partners.  

The Coastal Classic
Seward Alaska Railroad Depot

Traveling to Seward? The Alaska Railroad’s Coastal Classic train operates daily during the summer season and offers a scenic travel choice to and from Anchorage.