Port & Dock Facilities

Ice-free year-round, port and dock facilities in Seward are operational 365 days a year with a range of marine services available, immediate access to state highway and railroad systems, and Ted Stevens International Airport just a few hours away. 

Established in 1964, Seward’s boat harbor welcomes a variety of vessels including the local fishing fleet, charting fishing boats, tour boats, the US Coast Guard Cutter Mustang, and more. 

Seward is a pivotal port for cruises in Alaska. Many ships either start or end their journeys in Seward, using the adjacent Alaska Railroad or Seward Highway to shuttle from Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage. 

SMIC is located across Resurrection Bay from Seward. Just six miles from the city, SMIC encompasses 15 square miles of coastal land and is home to full-service shipyards, painting and sandblasting services, marine electronics, and more. The area is constantly growing and evolving to meet the...