Home of JAG Alaska the Seward Marine Industrial Center, or SMIC, is located across Resurrection Bay from Seward.

Just six road miles from the city, SMIC encompasses 15 square miles of coastal land and is home to full-service shipyards, painting and sandblasting services, marine electronics, and more. The area is constantly growing and evolving to meet the maritime needs of Alaska and beyond.

Over the past three decades, the City of Seward and the State of Alaska have invested in SMIC infrastructure and facilities, including the breakwater,  with the goal of attracting marine industrial and commercial services, as well as maritime-related job training and research resources, and other economic development opportunities.


  • 330-ton Marine TraveLift, run by the City of Seward
  • 5,000-ton Syncrolift, privately run by JAG Alaska


The SMIC basin is dredged to -21 feet MLLW (mean lower low water - the average height of the lowest tide), with a depth adjacent to the North Dock of -25 feet MLLW, making SMIC a great option for vessels of all sizes. There is a barge ramp for vessels to use - call the Harbormaster at (907) 224-3138 for availability. 


SMIC’s new breakwater, completed in 2018, is a 960-foot structure that protects the deep-water port. inside the protective walls of the breakwater, the surges of Resurrection Bay are manageable, providing a comfortable place for ship owners to tie up and work on their vessels.


SMIC also offers upland storage and maintenance and repairs areas, all with the protection of the breakwater to insure safe maritime operations and mooring. There are several options for haul-out and dry-dock capacities available for nearly all marine work.