Welcome to the new Seward.com!

Orca pod swimming in rez bay

Welcome to the new Seward.com!

The Seward Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center Staff is excited to present the new Seward.com! Creating this website is a work in progress, so as you explore everything our town has to offer if you have any comments or recommendations, let us know at communications@seward.com. 

Marine Research & Education

Seward is home to some of the top minds and resources when it comes to marine research with facilities like:

Operated by UAF’s College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, the Sikuliaq is part of the United States academic research fleet and has been supporting global oceanographic research and science operations since 2014.

The Seward Marine Center also offers the R/V Nanuq, a state-of-the-art, 40-foot near-coastal research vessel designed to support oceanographic and marine biology research. The vessel can be reserved and utilized by academic and research organizations.