Health care is essential in any community.

However, it was no simple task finding a provider to meet the unique needs of Seward. After a year of sifting through applicants, The Seward Community Health Center is excited to welcome Dr. Harsha Gowtham to their team. 

Dr. Gowtham, a Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician, and his wife Kristen moved to Seward in July 2022 from New York. Pulling into Seward at 2 am, they had no idea of the beauty lying beneath the night sky. Kristen wanted to live in a place where oceans and mountains met, and after working in a large city hospital, Dr. Gowtham was eager to find a rural community where he could build trusting relationships with his patients. Upon seeing the morning mountain view, both Harsha and Kristen knew they’d found home.Harsha and Kristen 2

Of Dr. Gowtham’s values, he believes that the “patient-physician relationship is a partnership between equals, where working together to solve problems and patient empowerment are the goals.” As an internal medicine provider, Dr. Gowtham was trained in high acuity and complex care management in adult patients only.  By combining his medical expertise with the patient’s understanding of their own body, he aims to help the patient achieve their health goals by collaborating towards a solution.


Dr. Gowtham’s Top Health Tips for Seward:

-Vitamin D

In places with less sunlight, vitamin D deficiency is common. There is a correlation between vitamin D levels and immune health and mental health. Dr. Gowtham recommends taking 2,000 - 5,000 units of Vitamin D daily to combat these issues.


-Eat Yogurt and other Probiotics 

Gut health is closely linked with mental and overall body health. If you are taking antibiotics, it’s crucial to include probiotics in your diet because antibiotics will kill off healthy bacteria. Dr. Gowtham stresses the importance of maintaining a healthy microbiome. 


-Take Snoring Seriously!

Dr. Gowtham affirms that sleep apnea is wildly under-diagnosed. When you snore, your brain is not resting or receiving oxygen, which may result in exhaustion or stress. Addressing this issue is important for overall health.

-COVID Vaccinations

Vaccinations are key in our hope of returning to normalcy. Vaccinations are not only important in protecting your personal health, but the health of those vulnerable individuals in our community, too. Dr. Gowtham worked in a busy ICU as a resident physician when COVID hit and witnessed many deaths. The advent of the vaccine changed the landscape of the disease, with fewer people dying in the ICUs, and more patients presenting with mild flu-like symptoms. He encourages everyone to vaccinate, unless their healthcare provider advises against it. Dr. Gowtham also encourages anyone with vaccine questions to schedule an appointment with him to discuss it further.

We are so excited and lucky to have Dr. Gowtham as a healthcare provider.

Welcome to Seward!