Kenai Fjords National Park may be the smallest national park in Alaska, but it’s still pretty huge. One of the quickest ways to see the park is with a flight over the glacially carved landscape. An overflight provides dramatic views of the national park’s glaciers, fjords, and wildlife. 

Look down and you may spot a brown bear fishing for salmon, or a humpback whale lunge feeding. 
Take a flight over the Harding Icefield to get a sense for how vast 700 square miles really is while you soar over the expanse of ice, speckled with mountain peaks, known as nunataks. 

Or visit any of the glaciers fed by the icefield - soar over Bear Glaicer and spot icebergs in the lagoon, spot marine wildlife near Holgate Glacier, or watch from above aa Aialik Glacier calves into the water. 
If you’re hoping to land in the park, ask your excursion provider about quick hikes or multi-day taxi services.