Kenai Fjords National Park is full of wildlife, with a diverse population of land, sea, and air animals that can be found all around.

It may seem magical, when you spot a whale flying through the sky, or a sea bird diving down into the water, but that’s just nature showing off. 

A total of 191 bird species have been documented in Kenai Fjords National Park including the bald eagle, puffins, steller’s jay, and black oystercatchers (to name a few). How many coastal birds will you spot while you’re here? For a full list of species, click here.

Look to the shoreline and be aware on trails for Kenai Fjords’ land animals, including black and brown bears, marmots, moose, and mountain goats. It’s important to be ‘bear aware’ when travelling through Kenai Fjords National Park. 

The waters near Seward and Kenai Fjords are teeming with marine creatures, including a variety of whale species, porpoises, and Steller sea lions. Always keep an eye out for fins or tails when near the water in Kenai Fjords, you never know when an orca whale pod or a humpback whale will breach!