Kayaking & Paddling

Paddling around Seward gives travelers a chance to experience our coastal ecosystem in a more dynamic and intimate way. Kayakers and paddleboarders can explore tidewater glaciers and towering waterfalls, hear the sounds of spouting whales echo across the water, or feel the katabatic winds rush down the glaciers. There is plenty to explore from the stability of your two-person kayak or paddleboard. 

Local paddling companies offer a variety of excursions, including Resurrection Bay paddles or a trip through Kenai Fjords National Park, or full and half-day adventures. A full-day kayaking trip to Aialik Glacier (the Sugpiaq term aya means 'a special surprise' and lik means 'place') is a classic Seward trip, offering plenty of opportunities for wildlife viewing and an unforgettable paddle near Kenai Fjords’ most actively calving tidewater glacier. 

Worried about the frigid Alaska waters? Our tour providers equip you with everything you need to stay safe and dry, just remember to dress in warm layers and rain gear.