Going Green is more important now than ever and Resurrection Recycling is Seward’s fast track route to that goal. Have you noticed that our grocery stores have done away with plastic bags? All your take out comes in paper boxes instead of styrofoam? These are a few initiatives Seward has taken to shrink our footprint. Resurrection Recycling’s curbside, streamlined pick-up service for in and out of town businesses and residents is another way we can work towards a healthier balance with our natural world. 

We all resonate with the guilt and confusion surrounding recycling. Does the Transfer Station accept number 5? Cap on or off? Will they take Clam Shells? Is this an aluminum or tin can!? Or maybe you can commiserate with the connex shuffle on a rainy day, listening to the ravens laugh at you while you chase after your cardboard blowing down Deickgraff. Recycling is something we all know we should do. But it’s not always easy or clear how to. 

Resurrection Recycling eliminates the hassle. With services spanning from Lowell Point to Grouse Lake, their streamlined pick-up service simplifies recycling, making sure it’s done right. Gone are the days searching for your glasses to read which number is written inside the tiny triangle. Simply toss that empty laundry soap in a plastic tote with a lid, and let Resurrection Recycling do the squinting for you. 

I chatted with Casie Warner, Tori Stallings and Radi Kosenova from Resurrection Recycling to learn about what they can offer Seward. They believe the biggest misconception surrounding Resurrection Recycling is they only service in-town businesses. In reality, Resurrection Recycling offers curbside pick-up to any out-of-town residents and businesses. As it turns out, handling our trash responsibility impacts us closer to home than we may think.


res recycling logoWhat was your start up process like? 

Resurrection Recycling began when Radi received a text message from Casie asking if she wanted to start up a recycling business. Casie says, “I wanted somebody else to do the recycling for me.” Realizing she wasn’t alone in this need, Casie resurrected the minivan parked in her yard, upcycling it into Resurrection Recycling’s pick up vehicle. 

“The van belonged to a friend who stored it in my yard in 2014. She never came back, but she did put the title in the mail,” Casie remembers. After replacing the battery and tires, doing a deep clean and slapping a couple of magnets on it’s side, the once forgotten minivan is now Resurrection Recycling’s trusty pick-up rig. 


Why should Seward Residents take advantage of your services? 

“Every landfill has a lifespan,” explained the women behind Resurrection Recycling. “The more items we keep out of our landfill, the longer we can keep it alive. It's costly to create a new landfill, and once shut down, it's still costly to maintain.” It’s reasonable to consider that our landfill could not generate the funds to keep a free facility up and running as its maintenance costs grow. In utilizing Resurrection Recycling’s services, we can extend the lifespan of our landfill by keeping recyclables out of the ground and into a reusable market.  

Additionally, in supporting our green market, you will be supporting a local team of entrepreneurs. Resurrection Recycling is a small business, operated by three Seward residents who are raising their children in our town with the hope of a sustainable future. “We will find sustainability in our year round residents,” guesses life-long-Sewardite Casie Warner.  


How can Seward residents and businesses access your services? 


One is able to fill out the sign up form and submit via ResurrectionRecycling’s website. After the form is filled out, they will reach out to you to hash out the details. Additionally, you can email resurrection recycling at resurrectionrecycling@gmail.com or call Casie during business hours, 10am-3pm M-F, at  (907) 491-0544. 


When do you pick-up, how much does it cost, and how does it work? 

“Our residential pick-up is on the 1st, 3rd, & 5th Tuesdays of the month ($45/month +tax). Our business pick-up is every Thursday ($125/month),” explains Tori. Radi adds, “We are hoping to offer an increased, biweekly pick-up schedule for businesses” 

In a plastic tote with a lid, or a 32 gallon trash can with a lid, collect all your clean recyclable material in one place for Resurrection Recycling to pick-up. They ask you to place something heavy on top of your bin, like a rock, to ensure it doesn’t blow away on windy days. It is also crucial to clean your recyclables so they are free of contaminants. 

“Another benefit to our service is that we are able to cater to the needs of our customers.” Mentions Tori. If you have a unique scenario or question, Resurrection Recycling is flexible and happy to work with your needs. 


How has Resurrection Recycling been involved in the community? 

res recycling vanPrior to the public collection bin for tin cans at the transfer station, Resurrection Recycling would take tin to the metals pile for recycling. Partnering with Sustainable Seward, they were able to get the public collection bin put in place next to the glass container. 

Recently, Resurrection Recycling secured a contract with the city to pick up at their office buildings at the Harbor Master, City Hall, and Annex Building, along with seasonal, public- use bins at The Branson Pavilion, Resurrection Campground, and Wellington Picnic Area. Additionally, Resurrection Recycling will be donating their services to one bin in the harbor for Sustainable Seward.